contributing to pandas

for PyDelhi DevSprint 02/02/19 

pre-DevSprint reading material:-


0. Remove existing pandas installation

pip uninstall pandas

1. Fork me!

2. Clone the fork to your PC.

3. Install pandas from source.

  • cd into the clone and install the build dependencies.

    python -m pip install -r requirements-dev.txt
  • Build and install pandas. (takes ~20 minutes on an i5 6200U with 8GB RAM)

    python build_ext --inplace -j 4
    python -m pip install -e .


Work on pandas started at AQR (a quantitative hedge fund) in 2008 and has been under active development since then.

Chat with more pandas at!

Some Tips

  • Documentation for reference purposes.

  • rebase using git rebase upstream/master to pull in the latest from the upstream remote (which you have set to

Bad Trips

I accidentally rebased on origin/master. That was ~350 commits behind upstream/master !

Steps taken:-

> > – reverted HEAD to just before rebase > – merged upstream/master into origin/is_scalar > – updated origin/master to get NO diffs in upstream/master and origin/master > – ran git rebase origin/master and fixed a conflict in doc/source/whatsnew/v0.24.0.rst > – pushed to origin/is_scalar.