GSoC’19 :: Milestone 5

Google Summer of Code 2019 ended a couple months ago, not for me though. As I had been stating to my peers time and again, I will not run away with the money I got from Google for the project. When I completed my GSoC 2019 report, the last milestone: Publishing KDE Connect to the Windows Store, was still a far cry, thanks to a really reeeaallly stubborn bug in KNotifications.

So after fighting with the KNotifications bug for months, I have a workaround that works for me.

Consequently, I have released KDE Connect for Windows: Test Release 01 over GitHub about 5 hours ago. Feel free to try it out and I’m open to discuss how it can be further improved. You can reach me through any of the following ways:-

  • Reddit post for the release (you can discuss the build with other users here):
  • KDE Connect Devel Group:
  • KDE Connect Mailing List:
  • My Personal email ID: (piyushaggarwal002 at gmail dot com)

What’s Working?

This blog post explains everything.

Download Links

How to install.Appx?

For instructions on how to install the .Appx version, go to this blog post.

Supported Windows OS versions

  • Windows 10 -> Fully supported and tested by me
  • Windows 8, 8.1 -> Not Tested (should work though)
  • Windows 7 -> If using Windows 7. disable Notifications plugin or KDE Connect will crash.

A report for my work

The GitHub link for the release

The not-merged-yet code

i am using a patched KDE Frameworks::Tier3::KNotifications in the build: