My College Years – A Piyush Aggarwal Story

The journey began in August 2016. Armed with a new bag and a timepiece, I made a choice – a somewhat foolish one, as I opted for the B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering course at MAIT, GGSIPU, instead of pursuing B.Tech in Electrical Engineering at Delhi Technological University.
Why, you ask? Well, it has “Computer Science” in the name; simple.

Year 1 (Aug 2016 – May 2017)

  • participated in various intra-college programming competitions, attained top 10 ranks
  • participated in intra-college aptitude test Battle of Brains, attained Rank 1 (800+ participants)
  • attended classes by Deepak Aggarwal (senior student) through DotC – The Programming Club
  • started a WhatsApp group to share technical news and resources, titled Programmers’ Tavern

Year 1 Vacations (June 2017 – July 2017)

Year 2 (Aug 2017 – May 2018)

  • participated in Smart India Hackathon 2017
  • participated in international coding contests at CodeChef, ACM-ICPC 2017
  • attained Codechef Rating 1649 (3 Star Coder)
  • carried forward the efforts by Deepak Aggarwal by inheriting DotC- The Programming Club under their insightful guidance and with the support of knowledgeable fellows
  • frequent solo participant in inter-college hackathons, attained top 5 ranks
  • attended Google DevFest Delhi 2017
  • attended major technical meetups (collaboration meetups/ Google-hosted meetups)

Vacations (June 2018 – July 2018)

  • attended DGPLUG’s Summer Training 2018, focusing on Open Source, Privacy and Software Freedom
  • participated in various monthly Devsprints hosted by PyDelhi, a local technical community promoting Python applications

Year 3 (Aug 2018 – June 2019)

  • contributed to pandas, the Python Data Analysis Library contributions
  • attended PyCon India 2018 (Hyderabad), the premier Python Conference in India
    • met fellow students and mentors from the DGPLUG’s Summer Training
    • conference ticket sponsored by Kushal Das , my mentor at DGPLUG Summer Training 2018 (thank you!)
    • met the reviewer for my contributions to pandas, Marc Garcia at the conference
  • started contributing to KDE Connect, a personal devices integration project
  • attended Google DevFest Delhi 2018
  • attended Google Cloud OnBoard Delhi 2018
  • participated in many inter-college hackathons hosted by college communities
  • started volunteering at ILUG-D events and helping out juniors within technical communities and in college
  • founded a new community within the college – OpenCodeMAIT – to promote and encourage the use of Free/Libre and Open Source Software with some good and knowledgeable friends

Vacations (June 2019 – July 2019)

Year 4 (Aug 2019 – Aug 2020)

After Year 4 (June 2020)

  • participated in Google Summer of Code 2020 as co-mentor for the project Adding MMS Support to KDE Connect details/ Aniket’s project report
  • bestowed with the honor “Star Performer of the Batch of 2020” in the college yearbook.
  • looking for opportunities now


  • Thanks, Dad, for your unwavering support in all my endeavors and choices.
  • Mom, you’re not just a wonderful mother but also a friend, teacher, cook, and housekeeper – thank you for every single day of the past 7300+ days!
  • Bro, your timely advice has been invaluable at every crucial life step.
  • Sis, you’re my emotional anchor, and I’m thankful for your unwavering support.
  • Vishnu, thanks for being the dependable friend from childhood.
  • Saurabh sir, you introduced me to GeeksForGeeks and were the college teacher I aspired for.
  • Deepak Aggarwal, thank you for introducing me to standard C++ programming.
  • Neeraj Joshi, your teachings in competitive programming and friendship mean a lot.
  • Bittoo Aggarwal, your encouragement to promote DotC’s work has been inspiring.
  • Arpna Joshi, thank you for motivating me to attend technical meetups.
  • Rohin Bhandari, your encouragement to become a recruit-able engineer has been invaluable.
  • Rachit Dua, for introducing me to WebD and bootstrap.
  • Rajat Goyal, your lessons on regularity and stress management have stayed with me.
  • Rajat Pachauri, Anand Rai, Paras Rawat, your support during low times is cherished.
  • Rituka Patwal, you’ve been a constant emotional support during my college years.
  • Kushal Das, your introduction to Free and Open Source Culture was transformative.
  • Shakthi Kannan, your lessons in self-motivation and industriousness shaped me.
  • Jason Braganza, your insights on happiness and time management are treasured.
  • Shivam Chaudhary, Nikhil, thanks for being the technical community friends I sought.
  • Raju Devidas, you’ve shown me the balance between humility and happiness.
  • Abhishek Singh, your motivation has driven me to do good in life.
  • KDE Community, for the incredible GSoC experience and the chance to meet mentors in Italy.
  • Prof (Dr.) Namita Gupta (CSE) and Dr. M.L. Sharma (IT), thank you for guiding my in-college event proposals.
  • Simon Redman, thanks for being the mentor I hoped for in KDE Connect team.
  • Hannah, your friendship in the KDE Community is valued.
  • Albert Vaca, your humility and awesomeness in Italy were unforgettable.
  • KDE e.V. Board, for believing in me and letting me host 2020.
  • Shantanu Tushar, thanks for being the mentor I wished for in the KDE Community.
  • Manav Sethi, mentoring you was a wish fulfilled.
  • Punya Aachman, your motivation for modern C++ practice and programming camaraderie are appreciated.
  • Kushagra Arora, Raghav Bali, Nobel Dang, Shubham Mutreja, thanks for being the gaming friends I hoped for.

Haanji, I’m amazed. I think I’ve got a lot of wishes fulfilled so far. I hope I did justice to the opportunities and people that I encountered so far.

Words will never be enough, but I don’t know any better way to show my gratitude for every opportunity that crossed my path so far in my life, and every one of those that I actually seized.

I hope the next 4 years are just as amazing, if not even more! _||_

Stay safe, stay indoors!