Last week I started LWID (Last Week I Did) series. This is another post in the same series.

Last Week I Did

Sunday 04 Oct 2020 :: Spoke at a webinar at IEEE IAS MAIT : https://youtu.be/cThHMMDtmHo?t=28

Monday 05 Oct 2020 :: nothing worth noting

Tuesday 06 Oct 2020 :: shipped a new release for Stegano – https://github.com/taskmaster9001/stegano/releases/tag/v0.1.1

Wednesday 07 Oct 2020 :: nothing worth noting

Thursday 08 Oct 2020 :: watched some Docker tutorials.

Friday 09 Oct 2020 :: watched some more Docker tutorials and tried hello-world of docker.

Saturday 10 Oct 2020 :: Had a Rocket League tournament today, so practised Rocket League for the whole day. Didn’t do a lot.


Wow, that was a lazy-ass week. I hope I can do something worth the time in the coming one. I have a bunch of ideas for using docker. I will realize them in this coming week and then do some more on top of all that!

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